Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji
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Arctic Spas of Bemidji


Arctic Advantage - Tru-Guard Heater

Cleaning filters is one of those necessary evils of owning a spa that Arctic Spas® has always felt should be eliminated. So... not only have we found a way to rid you of this nuisance, we had a filter developed for us that does a far better job at keeping your water clear.

As with the rest of the Arctic Pure® maintenance system, the MicroPure™, water filtration system is easy to use.

Step one is to pre-filter the water going into the spa, because tap water is not really pure water. The Micro Pure™ pre-filter attaches to your garden hose and the proprietary ultra low micron filter media screens metals, suspended solids and even bacteria from your water. Think of the many different types of drinking water filters that are sold and you'll get the basic idea. By starting with water that is already filtered clean you will find that you have much fewer problems maintaining crystal clear water and that you'll spend much less on maintenance products.

Step two is done for you! Your Arctic Spa is already equipped with a Micro Pure™, Everyday Filter. This filter is the equivalent to over 900 square feet of pleated paper or cellulose (normal) filter media. It will screen particles down to 1 micron, and is 94% efficient at removing "stuff" from your water in one pass. Compare this to the typical pleated filter systems that screen down to only 60 microns, are only 50% efficient and quickly clog and require frequent rinsing, degreasing, replacement, and in many cases, multiple pricey filters. Throw away the chemical clarifiers, de-scummers, cartridge cleaners and de-foamers .... the Micro Pure™ filtration system does not need them!

Best of all, when 4 months is up, simply replace it with another inexpensive cartridge! That's it! Less maintenance, fewer headaches makes sense and saves you money!

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Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji