Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Experience Higher Living Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji

Arctic Spas

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7 Foot Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas Fox Spa
Arctic Fox
Arctic Spas Cub Spa
Arctic Spas Yukon Spa
Arctic Spas Glacier Spa

8 Foot Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas Frontier Spa
Arctic Spas Norwegian Spa
Arctic Spas Klondiker Spa
Arctic Spas Summit Spa
Arctic Spas Tundra Spa
Arctic Spas Tundra Spa
Summit XL

Arctic Spas Essential Series - Round Hot Tubs

Exceed your expectations without draining your budget. Our new Arctic Spas® Essential Series encompasses a range of designs all with a common goal - to provide the signature Arctic Spas® experience in a clean, simplistic design. This series maintains all the performance of the core Arctic Spa principals such as highly efficient operation, intelligent design of both form and equipment, and ease of ownership.

These are the core components that define every Arctic Spa, and our Essential Series is no different.

Self-Supporting Composite Hull Design - More layers of hand- rolled, filler free fiberglass equate to a shell so strong that it requires no additional support - no foam, no stiffening plastic backing, and no props.

Heatlock® Perimeter Insulated Cabinet - Our Heatlock Perimeter Insulated cabinet traps the ambient equipment heat, and allows this heat to transfer back to the spa water, eliminating many of the heater cycles other spas have to run. Heatlock technology saves you money each and every day by making the most of every energy dollar.

Total Access®- The Essential Series maintains the ease of access for upgrades or repairs with removable door panels all the way around your spa. With no foam to dig, an upgrade or a small problem is easily visible and easy to complete.

Completed Sealed 4Xfloor® - The underside of your spa should be sealed against moisture and pests. Our composite 4xFloor leaves no doubt, and provides a great foundation for your spa.

Swim Spas

Arctic Ocean Swim Spa

Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji