Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Experience Higher Living Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji

Spazazz Aromatherapy

Arctic Spas of Bemidji carries the full line of Spazazz Aromatherapy Products!

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Crystals abundant with therapeutic benefits

Intoxicate Your Senses as you soothe away aches, pains, & sore muscles with our all natural anti-stress relievers and anti-inflammatory benefits. Known For Our Unique Blends we now offer 5 signature collections, designed to awaken, strengthen, relax, heal, & enhance your innermost desires. Proven To Be Spa Safe the crystals will not clog jets, filters, or affect the water chemistry.

RX Therapy Line we now make housecalls!

Multitasking at it's finest!
Replenish the body with Essential Vitamins.
Replenish the body with Magnesium Sulphate depleted by stress.
Allieviate common ailments.
Relax in soothing aromatherapy.
Let the healing begin!

Set "The Mood" Crystals inspire desire

Inspire Desire with 7 seductive aromas to enhance your hot tub experience. Our alluring fragances are still loaded with therapeutic benefits.

Crystals & Elixirs Assortments

An Excellent Affordable Impulse Item the countertop POP displays will catch attention & produce revenue. Most people suffer from both aches and dry skin. For the ultimate spa experience, just add a capful of both the elixir and crystal.

Elixirs rich with skin moisturizers

Indulge Your Senses with this enlivening blend of Essential Aromas and moisturizing botanicals, leaving your skin silky smooth. Our Aromas are capable of transporting your Senses, from a serene, to a romantic state of mind.
Spa Safe the elixirs are oil free; they will not clog filters or jets, & willl not affect the water chemistry.

Crystal Samplers excellent impulse item

Top sellers that produce revenue! A quick impulse item loaded with high quality crystals that will bring your customers back for more! All of our 31 aromas are available in this inexpensive sample size. They are sold in various gift assortments, also.

Elixir Samplers excellent impulse item

You can depend on Spazazz?s high quality to bring your customers back for more! Our silky Elixirs are available in .5 oz pillow packs or in adorable 2.5 oz bottles. The samplers can be sold in a POP display box, gift bags, & refill packs.

Customer Appreciation Gifts

Spazazz's Customer Appreciation Gifts are the perfect way to translate your gratitude into a warm, personal experience, to be shared by the entire family in the comfort of their new spa. You will receive valuable , measurable feedback from your customers from the comment card . The 10% off certificate will bring your customers back to purchase chemicals and accessories and help to ensure a lasting personal relationship.

Ambiance Collection treat yourself

By popular demand Spazazz created splendor for beyond the hot tub. Our top-selling aroma, Honey Mango, is now available in a delicious lip balm, sensuous body lotion, refreshing body mist, and a rejuvenating body gelee. Bring the spa experience home with our Aromatic candles and Reed Diffusers.

Instant Escape Spa Beads so versatile!

The Spa simply insert net with beads into your spa dispenser or toss directly into the spa. Let the exotic aromas whisk you away!
The Humidifier simply place mesh net with beads into the water. Ahhhh, enjoy the therapeutic waters!
The Vacum simply sprinkle Spa Beads on carpet & vacuum. Voila; your room will fill with a pleasing aroma.
Car Sachet when you hit the road leave the stress behind with an amazing aroma that fits your mood. Just breathe!

Kidz Line

Specially designed for the under 99 crowd the Kidz Line includes crystals, elixirs, and water toys. Purchased by themselves or in gift sets, the Kidz Line helps create fun and memorable experiences in the hot tub with your family and friends. Enjoy quality time with your children , in addition to the family dinner!

Gift Sets

Pamper you loved ones with the indulgence of Spazazz.. You can't go wrong with the alluring aromas and therapeutic benefits of our Gift Sets. Available in several different sizes and combinations, Spazazz gift sets are great for holidays, birthdays, weddings, party favors, and other important events. Select one of ours, or customize your own. Anytime is Hot tub time!


"My Hot Tub experience has never been the same! I use to get in the hot tub at the end of a long day to relax sore muscles, but since using Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals, not only is the fragrance so inviting, it calms me almost instantly, and I am sleeping better than I have in a long time."
Gretchen. Ft. Collins

Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji