Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji Experience Higher Living Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji

Auqa Tremor

Arctic Spas Auqa Tremor

The Aquatremor™ sound system available on Arctic Spas®is truly revolutionary! This state-of-the-art technology delivers crisptheatre quality sound and the stimulating and soothing benefits of vibroacoustics: sound waves applied directly to your body areclinically proven to relieve muscle stress.

The Aquatremor™ sound system is beyond a doubt the best-designed stereo system for usein a hot tub! This is because it uses advanced tactile transducers affixed directly to the spa's shell to create the sound rather thanstandard speakers. The exclusive Heatlock™ insulation system of an Arctic Spa creates the ideal environment to transmit perfect stereosound. Though there is more than enough power to wake your neighbours,the beauty of this system is you feel the sound in addition to hearing it, so you can keep your volume low and keep the neighbours your friends.

By eliminating the speakers found on most spa stereo systems we avoid specialty covers designed to fit around speakers that are expensive to replace and cost you everyday with unavoidable heat loss. In addition we spare you the near impossible servicing that invariably occurs when you expose standard speakers to steam and hotand cold environments.

The Aquatremor™ sound system uses a 300W amplifier and comes standard with hook-ups for your home stereo system or any portable device: cassette, CD, mini CD or MP3 player. External outdoor speakers for backyard entertaining are also available. All of the components of the Aquatremor™ sound system are housed within onespecialized door of the spa, so it can be added at time of purchase oranytime in the future!

The Aquatremor™ sound system has been developed to produce Sonic Massage™, available exclusively on an Arctic Spa. Sonic Massage™ is a pioneering approach to hydrotherapy that adds a whole new dimension to the already numerous benefits soaking in a spa.

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Arctic Spas of Bemidji
Arctic Spas of Bemidji